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How everything began

Baby.Bee’s journey began with the birth of Luan (Linda’s first child). Every pregnancy, birth and child is special, but the first time not only involves a big change, but is also overwhelming. You want to do everything perfectly and be prepared for everything. 

Accordingly, you also take the time to choose everything with a lot of love and research to the smallest detail. In the search for the best baby equipment, the desire for something personal, very individual for the baby becomes very strong. This was our case as well.

We are the bees !

While looking for beautiful baby products we realized that to satisfy our own needs we would have to develop our own products. That’s how the idea of building our brand grew. We quickly put our ideas on paper and developed our concept, but we hadn’t thought about the name yet. Since honesty and transparency are very important to us, we turned to our family, who always lovingly called us the busy little bees.

So Baby.Bee was born and the journey took its course. 

We are very happy to take you with us on our journey, and to accompany you on your beautiful baby adventure.

— Yours, Leonora, Shkurte and Linda

Klajdi Cena

Why Kosovo ?

In Kosovo today, women are still struggling for economic and social equality in a patriarchal society that unfortunately offers only limited employment opportunities. With Baby.Bee, we want to open new doors for local women, give hope and offer a better life. 

In addition to creating great products, we have the opportunity to support women in Kosovo to pursue their passion for sewing and live an independent life. We want to help women change their lives and reach their full potential. We are committed to be initiators in self-confidence and personal rights in the name of Baby.Bee and are showing up for this dream in our own studio near Prishtina.

Fairness - our value

In addition to self-realization, fair local working conditions are our highest priority. We have personally convinced ourselves of the fair working conditions on site, both in the studio which we visit regularly as well as at our suppliers facility. We are in contact with our seamstresses on a daily basis and we consider them family, having an open ear for all their needs. 

If you’re curious to know more about us, you can follow us on our social media channels to get a glimpse behind the scenes of Baby.Bee.

Seamstress cutting textile at our studio in Pristina

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