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I’m Linda, daughter of a beloved family, wife of an all-rounder and mother of two wonderful children.

Enthusiastic creator, visionary, organization freak, strategist and much more, but unfortunately not a talented seamstress. I prefer to leave the work to the industrious Baby.Bee seamstresses. As a trained industrial manager and state-certified business economist, i am very good with numbers. When it comes to invoices, wages and salaries, my honey side comes out, because everything finds its order at the right time, in the right place. That’s why I do the bookkeeping for the Baby.Bee team.

Numbers are important, but what really counts are people. I am very happy to use my knowledge of German to get to know you better and to always be there for you if you have any questions. Being close and transparent to my community is also very important to me on social media. If you already follow Baby.Bee on Instagram, my face should already look familiar to you.

For the love of detail:
During my son’s pregnancy, I researched baby products extensively. While searching, I discovered my passion for new creations and asked my sister-in-law to put them into practice. As a skilled seamstress, she was able to fulfill my ideas much better than I could. The attention to detail joined our forces and Baby.Bee was born.



My name is Leonora and be sure, sweet is in my blood. I love to bake and try new recipes every day. Despite my passion for baking, the sewing machine conquered my heart. As soon as I sit at the sewing machine, I forget everything around me.

At least for the moment, because as a mother of three and including a job, I didn’t have much time to devote to my passion. Through Baby.Bee I can now finally combine my job and my passion. It is very important to me to be free and independent. This was not always easy: I was born and raised in Kosovo, but my great love seduced me to Belgium. Since my degree was not recognized, I had to repeat it and enrolled in sewing school. Through sewing, I rediscovered and developed myself. In the beginning, I followed the requests of my family members, but the requests became more and more. Together with my sisters-in-law, we gathered our courage and opened a new chapter in the history of baby products. As a mother of three, I know exactly what to look for in our sweet offspring. Baby.Bee has opened the door to individual design in addition to the many possible combinations of the highest quality.




I am Shkurte and I keep our hive together. Inspired by the bees, I live by the motto: All for one and one for all. 

My open, communicative nature makes it very easy for me to approach people and make new contacts. I could always imagine myself working in customer service, because my motto is: patience is the key to success. I can’t wait to advise you and help you with your questions. After the daily routine as a mom, wife and employee, I like to ignite my artistic vein, because shapes and colors are exactly my thing. I love discovering new combinations and adapting our products to your wishes and needs. Through the birth of my daughter, I have discovered completely new powers within me. The endless love for her gives me wings. I am convinced that every mom and dad is also given superpowers with their offspring. Sum, Sum I stand ready to use my new superpowers to develop the most practical and beautiful baby products.



I am Vlora – the all-round bee. With my many years of experience in management as well as in personnel management, I keep our “hive office” together.

I use my communication skills especially in topics around contract negotiations regarding materials, as these are essential to ensure product quality. True to Baby.Bee’s motto, passion meets quality, I am committed every day to providing only the best for the offspring of today and tomorrow. In the Baby.Bee team, the focus is on people, both on the customer and on the staff side. Accordingly, I apply my knowledge of human resource management in staff motivation and address the needs of each team member. Our Bee dance plays to the tones of quality, productivity and professionalism.

Baby Bee's general director Vlora at her office in Pristina, Kosovo
Designer and seamstress at the Baby Bee atelier in Pristina, Kosovo



My name is Doruntina and I greet you warmly from beautiful Drenas, Kosovo. Fashion and the latest trends are my passion. 

Thus, I graduated from the Academy of Arts “Evolucion”. Besides fashion and design, I spend a lot of time with my family. Due to the increasing family offspring, I have become more and more involved with baby products. My busy bee wings led me to Baby.Bee, so now I could combine my passion and interests professionally. I am very happy to be part of the Baby.Bee team and pursue my work as a Baby.Bee seamstress with a lot of love. Seeing the development of our products and our team grow every day sparks an even higher motivation in me. I can’t wait to create many new products and only the best for babies.



I am Shpresa Pacolli-Abazi. After finishing my studies, I leaned towards my second passion, tailoring, and I finished a training at the “UNI BB” – “Center for Vocational Training”, where I was certified as a tailor and designer, and gained knowledge in textile cutting and work.  

I have worked with many tailors and different designers in Kosovo. But I felt that at BabyBee I found my vocation since I have always had a great love for children and even dedicated part of my studies on the subject of baby clothes. BabyBee is an atelier where my two passions joined each other: We produce fairy tales for our children! 

I am glad to say that we as a staff put a lot of heart in our creations and that we are extremely grateful to see you satisfied with our products.

Seamstress at her workplace in the Baby Bee Atelier in Pristina, Kosovo