BedBumper – Marshmallow


An original design with extra volume for more protection in your baby’s bed: Our bubbly Marshmallow Bed Bumper. Delivery: 2-3 weeks

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Our bedbumper creates a feeling of security in which it can sleep safely and securely. Closeness and cuddling is very important for the baby’s development, especially in the first few days and weeks. In ours, your baby not only feels completely comfortable and safe, it creates intimacy, offers warmth and is also very comfortable. Thanks to the oval shape, your baby feels like in the womb again and can fall asleep calmly.

Belgium: free of charge
Germany: free of charge
Kosovo: free of charge
EU countries: 9.99€
Non-EU countries: 24.90 €
(For non-EU countries, please note that a possible customs clearance is offset and you can pick it up at customs have to)

100% cotton, coated with Polyesterfiber


Length : 280cm

Broad : 35cm


The use of a bedbumper is only intended for your child’s cot.

-40 degrees (max 800 revolutions)
-Liquid laundry detergent is preferred It is best to wash in a laundry bag (tip: bed linen)
-Drying on clothesline (dryer only very light program, at your own risk)
-Iron on a cotton program
-Do not bleach
-Discover the easy steps and various ways to optimally clean your Baby.Bee product on our social media channels.
-Please remove the cover from the polyester filling


Beige, blue, Cream, Grey, Light pink, Pastel purple, Pink


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