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Still looking for a handmade gift for an important occasion such as a birthday or baby shower party? Then you have found exactly the right present here. To make the gift even more special, you can personalize our floor pillow. Use our templates on the website or send us your desired figure or font by e-mail.
Our floor cushion can be transported anywhere. Difficult to find the right place here! Or not?
How about under our baldachin. Here the little ones can make themselves comfortable to play, read or simply… to cuddle. In the reading corner, even without a canopy, our floor cushion fulfills its purpose. A movie night on the pillow is super comfortable. Danger. Our pets also love to make themselves comfortable on the floor cushion. Why not. Cuddles are pre-programmed. Even if you are snacking on the pillow and what goes wrong, there is no need to worry. Our floor cushions can be easily removed and washed with a zipper.
It can also be used as an outdoor cushion. Lying comfortably under the sky and creating memories.
As you can see, our floor cushion is very versatile and can be used from infancy to adulthood.

Belgium: free of charge
Germany: free of charge
Kosovo: free of charge
EU countries: 9.99€
Non-EU countries: 19.99 €
(For non-EU countries, please note that a possible customs clearance is offset and you can pick it up at customs have to)

100% cotton stuffed with foam flakes



Baby.Bee at any time and anywhere always at your service:You can use our nest pretty much anywhere, whether at your home or when visiting:

– in the baby crib your baby will be protected from the hard crib rails
– in the parents’ bed there is no risk of the baby rolling away or over
– on the sofa or on the couch the baby is also protected from rolling away or over
– on the floor or carpet the nest can be quickly converted into a baby bouncer
– in the stroller the nest is not only a great eye-catcher, also on the way your baby is completely protected

Attention: Please never leave your baby unattended in the nest!

Place the baby nest at your head height when co-sleeping
– Place a thin blanket or sheet under the nest for protection
– Place the nest on a flat surface at a safe distance from the edges
– Always place your baby on his back
– Tighten the cord to make the nest narrow and snug and hide the cord under the mattress
– Never carry the baby around in the nest

Attention: soft objects such as pillows, quilts and stuffed animals must not be allowed in the baby’s sleeping environment

-You can wash and spin cotton muslin as normal at 40 degrees in the washing machine.

If you wish, you can also have your product personalized.


Beige, Olive, Pink, White, white/beige


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